Our Products

Permanent Pole regularly supplies both timber products and their connecting hardware or other metal components. Hardware may be galvanized, or painted with good quality coatings, or powder coated. Advantages of combined timber and hardware supply include more simplified and consistent design, elimination of discrepancies between unrelated suppliers, improved installation methods and costs, and more systematic designs.

We do lathe turning to approximately 30″(75cm) diameter and length of 50′(15M). Turning is available in cylindrical, tapered, multi-tapered, barrel-shaped, or patterned form.  We provide capabilities for controlled framing for notches, grooves, blind or through slots, deep pockets, small and large holes, tapered shapes, polygonal flats, circular segments and other cuts.  We also provide bandsawing - to a 36″(90cm) face and to plus 40′(12M) lengths.  Finishing, kiln-drying, pre-fitting of connectors and other services are available as required.

More information on our products and services are detailed below.

  1. Architectural Timber

    As designers and fabricators of architectural timber products we have the capabilities to produce whatever your project requires.

    We can produce beams, columns, timber trusses and other structural timber products in both round or sawn wood.  Wood species locally available include Western Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar (Cypress), Douglas Fir , Spruce, Pine and Hemlock.  Other species can be processed as available.  As well, we turn and frame in glulam and parallam.

  2. Timber Connectors

    Many years of timber processing experience enable us to offer hardware solutions that enhance appearance, satisfy structural needs and ease installation cost or risk.

    We can produce plate-style brackets, inserted connectors, socket-style connectors, cross-brace assemblies, tie-rod kits, hinged or swivel connectors and others. Connectors may be galvanized, powder-coated, plated, sandblasted, or have other coatings.

  3. Landscape Products

    Our landscape products have been used in national and provincial/state parks, commercial and industrial developments, and private residences.

    We can produce a wide variety of landscape products, including benches, lamps, rope and fireline bollards, retaining walls, drinking fountains, pergolas, sunshades, signposts, gazebos and information kiosks.

  4. Services

    We regularly collaborate with and advise clients on projects in the design phase.

    We offer project specific consultation with architects, engineers, owners or contractors which may include guidance as to availability of species or sizes, species characteristics, options in jointing or in design concepts for connectors.   We routinely produce shop drawings in CADD and can package and ship as needed.